Purchase before removal – what does this mean to you as a buyer? Here are the benefits:

1. You are given the opportunity to buy your dream kitchen (or other item) before the removal date

2. It is then “white-glove removed” at the seller’s home or showroom

3.  It is expertly blanket wrapped

4. And, lastly, shipped directly to your location

This means that there is less wear and tear on your item that you purchased, and it arrives on your doorstep without it being handled in between locations!

We have 4 showroom displays that are included in the Countdown Sale now!

Some details about each of them:



If you’re interested in buying any one of these showroom displays, please contact us ASAP! These are going to go fast as the incentive is to buy now BEFORE August 28th or September 3rd. Contact us at sell@kitchentrader.com.



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