Kitchen Trader Purchase Terms

(1) Purchase Agreement. Buyer signs a Purchase Agreement at the time of the purchase.

(2) Price and Payment. The Buyer is responsible for the following payments:

  • Total purchase price
  • Buyer’s Premium*: $5,000 or amount posted on listing.
  • Optional countertop crating fee is an additional $1,000
  • For deliveries to NJ, applicable NJ state sales tax
  • Delivery from location of kitchen to buyer’s preferred destination**

*Buyer’s Premium includes removal, packing, blanket wrapping, and handling.
**The delivery is paid directly to the delivery company utilized by Kitchen Trader.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO RETURNS. If for any reason, the purchased items are not available, KITCHEN TRADER will send a full refund to Buyer.

Payment in full is required within 24 hours of signing and returning the Purchase Agreement to Kitchen Trader. Buyer may make payment by the following methods:

  • WIRE TRANSFER (required if purchase is within 10 business days of removal date)
  • CERTIFIED CHECK (required if purchase is within 10 business days of removal date)

(3) Purchasing Guidelines:

  1. Sink Base, Cooktop Base, and Various Cabinets may have pre-existing cutouts for electrical, plumbing, and/or gas connections on backs, sides, and/or toe kicks on kitchens installed in showroom and on pre-owned kitchens.
  2. Molding and Trim may not be complete as pictured in the listing. (Often additional molding and trim is needed to complete retrofit)
  3. Stone, Solid Surface, and other Countertops are considered a complimentary value to be included with the purchase of a kitchen or room. Kitchen Trader does not assign a value to these countertops due to their fragile nature. No refunds are available for broken or damaged stone, solid surface, and other countertops. Wherever possible Kitchen Trader will remove the countertops intact, though certain pre-existing condition may make intact removal impossible.
  4. Backsplash tile, stone, and other materials are not included in the purchase price of the kitchen.
  5. Appliances. Kitchen Trader does not guarantee and/or offer any warranties on appliances.