There are several questions you should always consider before jumping into a full kitchen remodel.

How much will it cost? How long will it take to remove my kitchen? How long will it take to install my new one?

Fortunately, Kitchen Trader has all the answers to some of these important questions. Each one is important to a project’s success, and we think you’ll be surprised by some of our incredible perks!

As we’ve said many times before, our services and luxury kitchens always provide homeowners with significant financial gain. Sellers of designer kitchens frequently receive thousands for their existing space or showroom displays. And, if you’re ready to dedicate the time to a full kitchen remodel – a big job that’s always handled in a smooth and timely manner by our experienced crew – Kitchen Trader will deliver.

Budget variables for any project are often negatively affected by labor costs. According to Cultivate, “Most builders will itemize the labor hours involved or include a day labor rate. If this item is not in your estimate, ask for it.” However, Kitchen Trader’s white glove service will carefully remove, pack and transport your existing luxury kitchen in at least 24 hours. Therefore, extra costs for overtime labor won’t be an issue during the removal process.

Normally, homeowners planning a major kitchen renovation will spend months planning for a whole host of people (carpenters, painters, plumbers, tile setters, just to name a few) to “descend on your house daily until the job is done.” Unfortunately, the entire process could take a couple months. With Kitchen Trader, you can remember to breathe. Our professional crew will easily handle the removal of your existing luxury kitchen in one day, and you’ll feel good knowing it won’t end up in a dumpster.

A full kitchen remodel is a huge undertaking that many people forget will pay off in the years to come. Not only will it increase your home’s value, but the new design will also enhance your family’s lifestyle. Contact us today if you have any other questions about our services.