We recently acquired (and sold) a really unique looking Farmhouse style kitchen. We called it the New Canaan Farmhouse Darling, and you can see all of the details and pictures here. While we did sell this kitchen, we do get unique kitchens like this very often. Although, this kitchen was a bit more special than we had thought upon initial inspection…


If you center your focus on the island countertop you will see that glorious wood a bit closer. While you may be thinking that this is just your average, well-made wood countertop that accents the mint coloring of the island, the reality is that this happens to be wood that has been re-purposed from a 200-year old Amish antique barn! How amazing is that?! Yes, we agree. We also thought it is pretty fantastic, and something that can be a noteworthy conversation at a dinner party!

After some research as to where this wonderful re-purposed wood came from, our team found it was made by a small company called Board and Beam. They’re located in Washington, CT, and specialize in dismantling antique barns and houses for rebuild, or to salvage architectural details and building material. They can also do restorations, repairs and provide consultation services if you’re planning to turn an antique barn into a house, studio, or build an addition to an older home. Their main purpose is to recycle wood and stone from 18th and 19th century barns. What a great idea to recycle!

As with this New Canaan Farmhouse Darling Kitchen, any countertops that the team at Board and Beam makes can come from a variety of antique wood and finished with different stains to match any existing woodwork and style. It can allow you to design newer kitchen cabinetry with a touch of the old. Given Kitchen Trader’s enterprise vision is the recycling of pre-owned luxury, it’s a refreshing moment to find other companies that are doing good in the same kind of capacity and savoring items from a time now gone.

If you’d like to stay in touch with our team about cool things that we get in like this 200-year old Amish re-purposed barn wood, please feel free to email us any time at hello@kitchentrader.com. And, if you’d like more details about Board & Beam, you can contact them by phone at 860-868-6789, and make sure to let them know that you read about them from our blog post!