Our team is always enthralled to meet and partner with great designers from all over the globe, and when we have the opportunity to actually partner with them to represent the sale of their one-of-a-kind designer kitchens we get even more excited!

Recently, we worked with Matthew Quinn, and are selling his one-of-a-kind Kips Bay Decorator Show House kitchen design, and it currently is on sale on our site here: http://www.kitchentrader.com/product/matthew-quinn-kips-bay-decorator-show-house/

We have the honor to represent the esteemed designer, Kimball Derrick, CKD, as Kitchen Trader is representing two kitchen displays that Derrick designed. One being a large live kitchen designed for demonstration purposes (#1 listed below), and the other is an actual kitchen replica (#2 listed below.)

Derrick noted, “While both of these kitchens were used for display purposes, the designs stay true to a traditional aesthetic with classic bespoke traditions using custom well-made, hand-made cabinetry.”

In both of these display kitchens, Derrick utilized a custom shop called K.D. & Steele Cabinetry in order to bring his designs to life. The modern functionality added into both designs is all about the appliances. The beauty is that they’re fully integrated so the appliances completely disappear.

1. Kimball Derrick Custom Designed Kitchen

For this kitchen display’s classic design style, Derrick used White Oak keeping the original coloring to stay true to the traditional inspiration. The English-styled cabinetry accents the elegant designs using top-notch appliances with many upgrades and amenities (roll-out shelves, etc.) that are added to this kitchen’s design. The bespoke inset cabinetry and simple beaded opening fits the classic style Derrick was aiming for.




All appliances that were used in this kitchen’s design are also available to purchase separately. Please see all of the details here: http://www.kitchentrader.com/product/kimball-derrick-kitchen-optional-appliances/


2. American Clivesque

The display designed as a kitchen replica was an inspiration of a Victorian era kitchen. The carvings and additional detailing are designs that are appropriate for this popular Victorian era style design. Derrick used custom carvings and everything was handmade specifically for this kitchen design.



This kitchen design also uses handmade cabinetry from K.D. & Steele Cabinetry, and the appliances are fully integrated to go into the design, so that it has a seamless look and disappears into the kitchen’s elegance. It is also very functional as Derrick featured roll-out shelves, decorative storage, and handmade willow baskets.

For more pictures and details on both of these kitchens that we’re currently featuring for sale on Kitchen Trader, please see them here:

Kimball Derrick Custom Designed Kitchen

American Clivesque

Kimball Derrick, a nationally acclaimed CKD, currently does design consulting for kitchens/cabinetry, space planning, product design applications, as well as helps in procuring product and providing his client’s with the necessary research to help the entire design process from start to finish.

If you’d like to discuss a new project with him, please feel free to contact him either by phone at (513) 616-4640, or email him directly at kimball@kimballderrick.com.

(Thank you Kimball Derrick for these gorgeous kitchens, and allowing Kitchen Trader to represent them!)